Several weeks ago, I received a beautifully packed box that contained a living bonsai tree from oothing Company.  It is a Gardenia tree planted in a small pot.  I was so excited because I remembered learning with absolute fascination about bonsai trees in elementary school- and I have always wanted one since watching Karate Kid as a little girl.

Turns out, taking care of a bonsai tree is not for the casual gardener.  At least, not in my "just-had-a-new-baby" world. I was watering it daily, as suggested.  I had it on my porch, which receives only the western sun, as recommended- and it was doing well. But life with a newborn quickly got in the way... I forgot to water a day here or there.  I watered too hastily and it didn't soak up properly a couple of times... and to add nail the final nail in its coffin, I went out of town for a week and my husband didn't take over its care. Not because he is neglectful! No! Because I *forgot* to tell him to take care of my potted tree baby!

Clearly, I'm not ready to be a bonsai gardener.  *Cue head hanging in complete shame*


If you follow the directions provided, you should have absolutely no problem with their beautiful little bonsai trees.  Did you know that there are bonsai trees ("tree in a pot") that can stay inside all the time and those that MUST spend time outside in order to stay healthy? If you order one, be sure you get one that fits your lifestyle better. 

I'm looking at getting one for my mother in law, who IS a green-thumbed gardener; this is exactly the kind of plant that makes a fun gift for the gardeners in your life. She admired mine when it first arrived, so I know she'd love one of her own. I felt like The Soothing Company did a good job of packing it carefully for delivery, sending it quickly,  and providing good general directions (they refer one to local bonsai groups to get tips for your specific conditions), so it would be worth it to purchase from them.  For our own home, though, I'm looking at purchasing a small tabletop fountain!


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