Thunderblast at the KY Science Center Review

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If you’re looking for a great view of the fireworks for Thunder Over Louisville, activities for the kids to do, and access to indoor bathrooms you’ll find that and more at ThunderBlast.   Hosted by the Kentucky Science Center, you’ll get access to not only all of the exhibits inside (such as the new Science in Play) but numerous science-themed activities outside in the parking lot.  You’ll also be able to tour the Louisville Bat Factory!

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ThunderBlast opened at 2pm, so we didn’t have to get there crazy early to pick a “good” spot.   One thing I enjoyed throughout the day that it was a family friendly environment – no smoking, my kids didn’t hear any language that wasn’t appropriate, and they didn’t see anything they shouldn’t.  I really appreciated that I didn’t have to worry about this.  We kept busy all afternoon we really didn’t have a chance to sit and watch the air show – we were able to see a plane fly by and we definitely heard some of them!  We started out in the Louisville Bat Factory since that closed at 5pm.  They had tours frequently so even though it was a larger crowd we didn’t have to wait long for a tour.   The tour guides were extra helpful with the little kids in our tour making sure that they were always up front so that they could see the bats being made.  Also since it was the weekend, most of the machines were off except for a few – and this was great for my kids because it wasn’t loud and they enjoyed the entire tour.

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After that we went over to the Science Center and enjoyed all of the indoor exhibits for hours before returning outside to watch the airshow and to play with all of the activities in the parking lot.  There was a guy exploding a watermelon with just rubber bands, creating a circuit to turn on a lightbulb with just Playdoh and a battery, and many more.  The kids were having so much fun they didn’t realize they were learning about science! 

The entire family will have a blast at ThunderBlast!