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I have a 6 month old who is ready to sit with us at the table, but we don't always have a good place for him to sit when we are out and about town.  Public high chairs are fraught with problems for us: they don't provide any, those provided have broken seatbelts, those provided are too big/too small for my big guy, and more.  We've also been looking for something that we can use when we go visit friends and grandparents who don't have a high chair.  Believe me, the way this one grabs at EVERYTHING on the table, I really can't hold him and hope to have a decent meal of my own!


Enter the Tot Seat.  This is a handy, well-designed portable fabric seat designed for babies 6-30 months in age.  My son is 29" tall and 22 lbs and an awesome sitter, so this worked well for him; I imagine that this same kiddo might be too big by the time he's 30 months, just because he is so tall, but we'll see! It comes in a nice little travel bag and takes up about the same amount of space in the diaper bag as the folded up nursing cover or a small pack of baby wipes.  VERY portable!


It is incredibly easy to use.  It did take reading the directions a couple of times to figure out how to use the different adjustments for various chair types and sizes, but I was able to use it by myself with baby in arms fairly easily. I tried it at Wendy's, the Zoo, and a couple of different chair types at home.  Buttons make the seat adjustable to fit different chair heights (25-75 cm back height), widths (35-53 cm), and shapes; for chairs that have curved seat backs like this one at the zoo, there's elastic to wrap under the seatback cover to hold it in place.  Different widths of chairs can be accommodated with the pull-string to cinch it tighter.  They even have an extra cummerbund strap that takes care of the problem of chairs without back support down low, like a folding chair, so that baby has back support.  It can also be used for extra support/security over top of the Tot Seat on normal chairs.  


The Tot Seat is very handy and secure when used properly, but I agree with the manufacturer: never leave baby unattended while using it, even if it is well-designed and safe to use, you never know if your child is the ONE who manages to topple his chair over or something; my older son managed to do this with the normal high chairs plenty of times just by pushing his legs against table legs really hard. If you're wondering about how safe the Tot Seat really is, they have some impressive credentials and take the design safety very seriously.  I can't even list it all, so please go check out what they have to say about their safety records, awards, and more:


My little guy really liked it and was perfectly content in his little seat.  I liked it because I felt like he was more secure and more stable for trying out table foods than he would be in many restaurant high chairs. I also love the portability and ease of use.  I would NOT recommend its use for a baby who does not yet sit well, as you will need baby to sit on his/her own well long enough for you to secure the clasp behind the chair, so if your baby is not a sturdy sitter, wait a bit before using this product.  Also know that this is for a normal chair, so there is no extra height built into the product. This means that little ones on the younger and smaller side will be at a disadvantage when trying to reach things the table (which may be your point in using this! NO judgement from me! HA!).