TreeNanny helps keep your tree looking great!

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This weekend my hubby, his uncle and our boys cut down a tree for Christmas! It's the first live tree we have had in 20 years and I had forgotten how much attention they require. Thank goodness for TreeNanny

TreeNanny is a Christmas tree watering system that checks the level in your tree stand and lets you know when you need to add more! A tree without enough water is a fire hazard and a HUGE messmaker! Dry trees drop their needles quickly. TreeNanny plays "Jingle Bells" when you need to add water. It also has a night time feature which turns off the alerts and not wake your family while sleeping.
Before we hooked up the TreeNanny I had to lay on the floor to water the tree. I ended up with a head full of needles and a lot of frustration. TreeNanny makes watering the tree so simple! You simply hook their funnel onto a branch and attach the hose which you run down into your tree stand. You can easily pour water into the funnel and the water runs down into the stand. No more needles in my hair! 
We have only been using the TreeNanny a couple days but the boys already know what it is and when they hear "Jingle Bells" playing they go get the water and fill the funnel. 
The Today Show named TreeNanny one of the 9 Must Have Gadgets for the Holidays! 

TreeNanny Features:
  • Extends the life of the Christmas tree and prevents needle shedding
  • Plays “Jingle Bells” when tree needs water
  • Makes alerting sound to prevent overfilling
  • Will not wake the family up at night
  • Easily installed and operated
  • Works on all standard tree stands
  • A watered tree is a safe tree
Get your own TreeNanny! At an MSRP of $19.99 it just can't be beat!