Unusual New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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Are you planning a New Year's Eve blowout? Whether you're intending a huge party for a large number of people or a small party for just a few, you might want a few ideas to make your party unique. Check out these ideas as you plan your festivities.
Super Hero Party
Who doesn't love a super hero? Create a super hero party that will be fun for all ages and all manners of geek. In the invitation, specify whether you want your guest to come dressed in their favorite Marvel or DC character. Give prizes for the best costumes and if you want to get really creative, tell everyone that all costumes must be homemade. You might be surprised at how creative your guests can be and what they come up with.
Mystery Party
Create a mystery for your party guests to solve. Leave clues all around the party area and as guests arrive, assign them to mystery teams. As the guests find clues, they will need to get together with their teams to solve the mystery. Unveil the solution to the mystery (or the culprit) at midnight and give away prizes.
Scavenger Hunt
Do a scavenger hunt in a similar manner to the mystery, but without the mystery. Assign guests to teams and give a list of items to each person. Instruct the teams to assign a portion of the list to each team member then throughout the night, they will need to find the items on the list. Give each team a collection bag for the items they find. Place assorted items (enough for each team to find -- or give each team a different list) around the party area. At midnight, the team that has found all of its items gets a prize. You can come up with goofy items for the list like chattering teeth or things like candy canes or Christmas ornaments. If you want to be especially creative, choose items for the list that team members can keep.
Game Night Party
Tell all of your guests to bring a favorite game to your party. Have several tables set up for board games, card games, and a television and game system or two for video games. Guests can spend time playing games with each other and mingle throughout the night. 
Guess Who? Party
Invite guests to your New Year's Eve party with instructions to wear a costume that includes a mask. Specify that no one is to reveal who they are when they arrive. Put up a large white board or chalk board in the room and as guests arrive, ask them to write the name of their costume or character on the board. Throughout the night, guests should write their guesses for who each person really is. At midnight, have a grand unveiling and anyone who kept everyone fooled all night should get a prize. 
Your New Year's Eve party can be more than just eating and drinking. Create memories for your guests by throwing in a little fun and competition.