I had so much fun putting together some fun Valentine's gift bags for my kids!  They were so surprised when they woke up this morning and found their goodies!  I found some great $1 bin items at Target and also included some fun snack type items I received samples of for review! 

Target had these cute felt bags in their dollar bin so I chose one themed appropriately for each of the boys, who are 3 and 7. 


I looked for items that were age appropriate to fill them with.  For my older son who loves Skylanders, I found markers and stickers.  I also loved that I found pretend money from Leap Frog!  He is learning about money and counting in school so I knew these would come in handy! 


For my younger son, I found finger puppets and utensils and a plastic school bus, as he loves to watch for school buses on the road! 


I also recently received some great samples from companies like Mott's, Ella’s Kitchen, and Surf Sweets.  I loved that I could include some healthy snack and candy options.

The delicious treats from Ella’s Kitchen are the perfect size for treat bags.  Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers are packed with organic fruits, veggies & whole grain eats without concentrates or refined sugars.  They come in handy, individually wrapped bars, making them perfect for sharing with friends.  Ella’s Kitchen Munchy Biscuits are great for little hands and perfect for moms & dads to take on the go.  Puffits and Red Ones pouches were also well-received by the kids and got a Thumbs Up! 


While I threw in just a few small candy treats for the kids, I was thrilled to also be able to include the ultimate healthy candy choice for kids.  Most holiday treats are filled with artificial ingredients including dyes, colors and flavors NOT Surf Sweets - It is the leading brand of naturally good gummy candies made with organic and natural ingredients.  They are not only all natural, vegan and organic, they also are free of the top ten allergens.  Surf Sweets’ Fruity Hearts, Watermelon Rings and Jelly Beans are sure to be new favorites of my boys.  Produced in a facility free of the top ten allergens, the candy is also a perfect solution for school parties and kids’ candy favor bags.  They are also ideal for cookie or cupcake decorating. 
Each 8 oz. bag of Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts contains 130 calories per serving. They are being sold for a suggested retail price of $4.49, and are available nationally at Whole Foods and other natural and specialty retailers. 
More About Surf Sweets
Surf Sweets is the country’s leading brand of fruitfully delicious, naturally good gummy candies and jelly beans made with organic and natural ingredients and without any artificial colors and flavors. Surf Sweets is also a proud member of 1% for the planet.  As a member, they donate a minimum of 1% of the sales from products to a number of environmental organizations. Surf Sweets currently offers a variety of mouth-watering candies: Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms, Fruity Hearts, Gummy Bears, Watermelon and Peach Rings, and Jelly Beans, that are available across North America.  For more information on all of their products, click here.
I received a sample from Mott’s for the bags as well!  Two new Mott’s®juice drinks! 
Today’s parents have seemingly limitless choices, and every day they are tasked with making the best decisions for their kids. With Mott’s® new Juice Drinks – boldly named “Fruit Punch Rush,” “Wild Grape Surge,” and “Strawberry Boom,” for their punchy new taste – parents now have the option to give their kids the taste they love, with 40 percent less sugar than fruit juices and no artificial sweeteners.

My 7 year old liked the Strawberry Rush and my 3 year old loved the Wild Grape.  Mott’s® new Juice Drinks line boasts 100 percent daily value of vitamin C per serving, a full serving of fruit per cup and no added sugar.

Visit the Mott's page for more info.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

The opinions I provide are based on my own experiences/beliefs, and I don’t make statements about the products that are measurable (other than the facts the companies have provided) or extrapolate about the product beyond my personal experience.