VINIA leverages all the good things about red wine without the bad stuff!

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BioHarvest is one of the neatest things I have come across in a long time. I love to find new and improved ways of boosting my nutrition levels so when something new comes along, I tend to give it a shot and listen. BioHarvest created a something called VINIA and calls it the first biofood. This is considered a superfood subcategory, but I won’t bore you with the science stuff. That can be found here if you like that sort of thing. For those that are not scientifically minded, I will break it down in simple terms:

VINIA leverages all the good things about red wine and provides large amounts of it without the bad stuff. Most people know already that red wine is good for us to a certain degree but that has been tempered by the bad effects of sugars, calories and of course, alcohol. The red grape cells that are so good for us are made into a powder (VINIA), that we can add to various foods to get all the benefits.

Boosting nutrition sounded good to me and I figured what is the harm in giving it a shot? What follows is a specific recipe they suggest for yogurt and it is the one that I tried with VINIA:

BioHarvest’s Yogurt Parfait


·1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt

·1/3 cup granola

·¼ cup raspberries

·¼ cup blueberries

·1 sachet VINIA red grape powder

·Drizzle of honey


In a bowl combine yogurt, granola, and VINIA. Stir to combine, then layer half in a wide-mouth mason jar. Add half the berries, then layer in remaining yogurt mixture and berries. Refrigerate overnight, and up to 3 days. Enjoy cold.

How was it?

The parfait was quite good and believe it or not, the VINIA seemed to only enhance the texture a bit. It mixed right in and was incredibly delicious. When you consider this recipe packs the power of nearly one thousand grapes without the bad stuff, that is pretty incredible.

The whole idea behind VINIA is to boost blood circulation, support a healthy blood pressure and to keep those arteries nice and clear. The stuff is absorbed very quickly into your body and quickly provides you with boosts you need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Best of all, the grapes are harvested under good growing practices. Why not try something like this that has been completely based around what nature has already done? It is a great product and well worth your time if you are looking to grow into a healthy lifestyle or support one already in place.