Why PetSuites?

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My family and I recently toured our local PetSuites to see what all they had to offer.  We will be doing some traveling in the future and need to make sure we can find a great place for our dog, Gilmore, to stay!  We instantly fell in love with the staff and the facilities at Per Suites! 



We love that the resort is designed just for dogs and cats  They have spent countless hours researching, and over 15 years perfecting, PetSuites best practices.  The staff are professional, yet playful.  Even the nice young lady who gave us a tour was all about talking to the animals and saying hi to them and introducing us! 

You can tell that their staff genuinely enjoys coming into work each day because they are a friendly, animal-crazy group of passionate individuals.  Who wouldn't love working with pets everyday?!?  I worked in a wonderful pet facility in college and it was so rewarding receiving the unconditional love that animals can give every single day! 

PetSuites of America knows your precious pet isn’t like your family, they are your family; and as such, treat your pets with the love, kindness and respect that families should treat one another.  This is what gave us the confidence to know that we could leave our baby behind and enjoy a vacation.  They also have a variety of housing options so you can choose what would be similar to your house and if you want your pet to have a tv to watch or a large yard to play in.  Group play outside is also an option, which we loved as Gilmore loves other doggies!  


The spotless spaces and shiny, clean amenities speak volumes on the respect the staff gives the place as well as the pets.  Everything was clean and well-kept and the animals truly seemed to be enjoying themselves! 


PetSuites was designed to bring out the best in your pet.  They offer a wide variety of environments for your pooch or feline to interact in, including in-ground pools, indoor as well as outdoor play areas and separate spots for cats and dogs.



Contact Pet Suites today or stop by for a tour! 


Phone: (502) 244-2202
Fax: (502) 244-5150
Address: 1200 Avoca Station Ct, Louisville, KY 40245