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Wonder Forge recently sent us some great board games to review!  These would make great holiday gifts for children of all ages!  Read our reviews below and then sign up to win one for yourself! 


Sofia the First Magical Tea Time Game – It’s time for tea with Princess Sofia and what preschooler doesn’t love a tea party?  This is a great game for children three and up.  It promotes and encourages imaginative play and will keep your little ones busy for hours!  Sophia the First is one of the most popular Disney Junior Characters right now, so Wonderforge did an excellent job of coming up with a game that brought her into your child’s living room!

To begin, players should each get a place setting and a tea cup.  Their goal is to get as many tea party treats for their plate as possible.  The “treat tray” goes in the center of the table and has playing cards on it with pictures of tummy looking treats.  As players select various cards, they are instructed on what to do during their turn.  If your card shows a tea cup, players are supposed to blow in their tea cup, where there is a little colored spin wheel.  Whatever color yours stops on is the color of the head mistress plate that you get to choose a treat from.  The Head mistress plates, which are green, blue and pink, are placed out on the table and if you select cards that have those matching colors on the, you place the treat card on the plate to help build up the selections.


Some treat cards have a picture of a teapot.  When a player gets one of those, they should pour tea for the other players using the air puffer tea post.  When the player pour tea, a puff of air comes out and spins the individual tea cup spinner wheels again and again, players get to choose a treat from the corresponding plate color.  Good manners are also stressed, as there are treat cards for those too where players can earn extra points!  There is one special treat card with a photo of Sophia herself on it and if this card is pulled, the recipient is supposed to curtsy.  Little girls love acting like princesses, so this is a perfect touch! 


The game is perfect in that it helps players to identify how to match up colors, while take turns and using their manners.  They get to count up their treats at the end to see who has the most!  The game is great for families to play together, or for little girls who have friends over!  It retails for about $19.99 and can be found at Toys R Us and other major retailers, including Amazon.


Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game – This is a great game for promoting active, indoor fun for preschoolers who are all about their Pirates!  Any preschooler familiar with the popular Disney Junior show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates will be thrilled to participate in this Yo Ho, Let’s Go Pirate adventure!  Get your 3 year olds and up kiddos together and enjoy some active fun!

The game comes with 5 Treasures, things like a foam bag of coins, and a trophy!  Everyone playing the game should work together to hide the items in various places around the house.  You want the kids to help you hide the items because this game is more about memorization and seeing if they can later remember where you put them!  Tell them you are hiding pirate booty all about Shipwreck Beach! 


Once the family is all back together, you get out the treasure map and flip over gold doubloons to see if you can find matches.  Some doubloons even have secrets imbedded in them and the player must use Jake’s spyglass to decode the secret clue.  Once a match is made, the player takes off to try to find their pictured treasure, if they can remember where it was hidden!   The player takes the Foam sword and snags the item in the pre-made holes that are cut out in them!


The game is great because it promotes matching, memory, and physical dexterity which will keep your kids active throughout the winter months!  The game board is also a bag that can store the entire game, so it is easy for travel or to keep all the pieces off the floor!  It retails for around $24.99 and is available exclusively at Wal-Mart.



Doc McStuffins All Better! GameIf you are ready to show your preschooler a game of matching, memory skills, and turn taking, this is another great option!  From the popular Disney Junior series, Doc McStuffins, this game is sure to delight your little one. 

Set up for this game is extremely quick and easy!  There is a spinner that you put in the center.  Each player takes a turn spinning it and seeing where it lands.  If it lands on a bandage icon, you take a slap bracelet that looks like a bandage, show everyone the underside which shows a doctor’s tool, and then attach it to another player’s wrist.  As you continue to spin, if you land on a doctor’s tool icon, you have to try to remember which person has that on the backside of their bandage.  If you can correctly guess who has the right tool to fix the boo boo, you get to collect a game piece.  The game ends when there are no other pieces to pick up and then whoever has the most at that point can be declared the winner.


Because of the nature of needing to remember items, this game is well suited for older preschoolers and up.  The problem solving aspect of the different mystery ouchies makes for fun for all!  The game comes in a great bag to keep all of the pieces in, so they aren’t getting all over your house.   It retails for about $24.99 and is available at WalMart and on Amazon.



Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Attack Skill and ActionIf you are looking for a game appropriate for the older kiddos in your household, this is a great one! This game is great for a group of 2-5 six year olds or older!  My 6 year old loved helping me set up the tower and was excited to play! 


When playing as the Turtles, each player tries to launch their turtle pieces toward the tower to try to knock off Shredder’s foot soldiers.  Kids love to see game pieces flying through the air for some reason so this was great because they would hit the big, teetering tower!  You can also play as Shredder if you would rather be the bad guy and you can race to get your ninjas to the top to win!  The game lasts however long it takes to knock off players, but even if that becomes easy for your little ones, they will have fun setting up the tower over and over again!


I love how this Nickelodeon themed game promotes strategic thinking and deductive reasoning.  There are 40 game cards so enough to go around!  This game retails for about $19.99 and is available at Amazon.



Justice League Axis of Villains Strategy Game – As kiddos get older it can be hard to keep them interested in games, but because this game focuses on Being a Super Hero, those that are 8 yrs and up will still enjoy it!  This is a game of strategic thinking, cooperation and teamwork and therefore, it pushes the older child to think outside the box while they play as one of their favorite super heroes. 


This is a great game for 2-4 players who want to work as a team to defeat the most dangerous villains in the universe.  Players choose Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or The Flash – all from the Justice League, and team up to defeat the villains.  Players start by rolling two different dice.  One tells them where to move the villains and then if they get a certain image, they get to move their hero as well.    Power cards come into play as well, offering more dice rolls, special rules or allowing heroes to use powers. 


The game encompasses a lot of reading and counting which is nice!  From having to read Hero Power pads and Power cards, to knowing when to slip on a hot spot and how to damage or destroy the satellite, it is all very engaging.  Players win when the Justice League has captured the villains from the game board.  This game retails for about $19.99 and can be found at Target or online at Amazon.

 For more information about these and all of the wonderful Family games that Wonder Forge has to offer, visit their website at: http://www.wonderforge.com/products/ or look them up on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/WonderForge

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