Zoomer: Robotic Dog Review

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You've seen the commercial for Zoomer I'm sure. He is an adorable (mostly) white, plastic robot dog and he was is high on the list of wants at our house this b2ap3_thumbnail_Zoomer_eyes.jpgyear. Since the boys are asking for a dog and we aren't ready to get a real, live one we thought Zoomer might be fun to try!


Just like a real puppy, the more time you spend with Zoomer, the more he'll learn. Get the free iOS or Android app to learn how to train your new dog. You can teach him to do tricks like roll over, lay down, shake and more, and reward him with a belly scratch. Unlike a real dog he doesn't need to be housetrained!

According to the Spin Master website, Zoomer has moods and the more you play with him the better he will become at following commands. For Zoomer to follow your instructions you will need to start them with his name, for instance, "Zoomer, follow me"


Zoomer is adorable when he performs his tricks. You can get him to follow you, shake hands, and play with a ball! Since his body is jointed at the waist he can also play dead. In Independent Mode he will bark loudly and run around just like a real dog.


If you order your Zoomer from Kohl's.com you can get their exclusive package which includes a varsity jacket and inflatable ball!b2ap3_thumbnail_zoomer_ball.JPG



Product Features
Responds to commands
Understands English, Spanish and French
Wags his tail
Speaks back
LED eyes follow your movement
Life-like motion using his four motors
Chest sensors
Wheel feet
Recharge with the included USB cable
2013 Family Fun Toy of the Year Award Winner
11"H x 8"W x 9"D
Ages 5 years & up