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Have you ever wished there was a frisbee that would pretty much go where you wanted it to go...regardless of how poor you threw it? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately there are no perfect flying discs like this on the market but there is one that is close. The Aerobie is a flying disc that is touted as being the easiest to throw so it was worth a shot. First it is important to note that I am a very poor frisbee thrower. Growing up I loved to throw a frisbee around but I would get frustrated. Often...
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Aerobie® has some fun products that any child would be happy to find under the Christmas tree this year!   Aerobie Skylighter lighted flying disc ( Extend the fun of playing with an Aerobie flying disc into the night with the Skylighter lighted disc. Its bright LEDs illuminate the clear center and the translucent colored rim to make the entire Skylighter appear bright in the night sky. With the patented Aerobie spoiler rim design, the Skylighter is easy for players of all skill levels to throw well. Its narrow profile and large diameter make the Skylighter fly far and straight. The...
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